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"Professional Orientation" course of Batch 72 in the BBA Program

Stamford University Bangladesh is delighted to report the success of the recent "Professional Orientation" course for Batch 72 in the BBA Program, Department of Business Administration, held on 12th and 13th January 2024. Over these two insightful days, we had the honor of hosting distinguished guest speakers who shared invaluable insights into the complex realm of careers and employment.

On 12th January 2024, Mr. Sabbir Sadiq, Senior Software Development Manager at Amazon, graced the occasion. Serving as a single-threaded tech leader for the Alexa Digital Sales engineering team, Mr. Sadiq engaged in a thought-provoking discussion, shedding light on his career success, employment opportunities, and crucial career factors. The event left an indelible mark on our students, offering a unique perspective on the tech industry. Our students gleaned crucial details about technological advancements, strategic leadership, and the evolving landscape of digital sales.

On 13th January 2024, we had the privilege of hosting Mr. AKM Mahmudul Haque, Regional HR Manager at Kontoor Brand. An ICF-accredited Professional Certified Coach, Mr. Haque shared his expertise on career navigation, leaving our students with valuable knowledge as they prepare to enter the workforce. Our students gained insights into effective HR practices, the significance of professional coaching, and strategies for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

The presence of these esteemed guests has undoubtedly enriched the academic journey of our graduating students. We extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Sabbir Sadiq and Mr. AKM Mahmudul Haque for their enlightening discussions.

This insightful course, as part of our commitment to comprehensive education, aimed to equip students with practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the professional landscape. The experiences shared by our esteemed guests have played a crucial role in fostering a holistic learning environment.

We express our gratitude to all participants for making this event a success, contributing to the academic enrichment of our students.