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Master of Arts in Film & Media (Preliminary & Final)

Master of Arts in Film & Media (Final) program consists of 40.0 Credit Hours and Master of Arts in Film & Media (Preliminary & Final) consists of 76.0 Credit Hours whereas -

01) Mixed Mode :

a) Thesis is Mandatory (06 Credit Hours)

b) Filmmaking is Compulsary (09 Credit Hours)

02) Course Work Mode :

a) Filmmaking (09 Credit Hours)

b) Internship (03 Credit Hours).Student will intern in television channels,film projects or different production houses.

Fees Structure

Head Name Category Rate Times Total
Admission Fee One Time 15,000 1 15,000
Tuition Fee Per Cr. Hrs 3,000 76 2,28,000
Library Fee One Time 2,500 1 2,500
Development Fee One Time 8,000 1 8,000
Medical Fee One Time 1,500 1 1,500
Id. Card One Time 200 1 200
Library Card One Time 200 1 200
Document Verification Fee One Time 1,000 1 1,000
Examination Fee (Mid) Per Semester 500 4 2,000
Examination Fee (Final) Per Semester 500 4 2,000
Foreign Student Service Charge One Time 20,000 1 20,000
Payable Amount At The Time of Admission (Admission Fee + Development Fee + Medical Fee + Lab + Library & Document Verification Fee + ID Card + Libarary Card Fee) : 28,400/=
Total Payable Amount to complete the Program : 2,60,400/=
Total Fees: 1,50,000/=(Special Package Offer)



Students will have to pay tution fees on or before the given date of every month.If not paid on time, a certain amount will be charged as a fine or penalty as per the policy of the university.


Newly admitted students will pay 25% of tuitions fees for a semester at the time of course registration.The rest 75% is to be paid monthly in equal installments.


English Fundamentals course (03 Credit Hours) will be waived for Undergraduate Students who will be able to achieve 70% marks or above in English Section A of the Admission Test or Placement Test in English. English Fundamentals course (03 Credit Hours) is mandatory for Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE), Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English (ENG), Bachelor of Laws with Honours (LLB) programs.


Foreign Students will pay Tk. 20,000 as Service Charge at the time of admission.


Document Verification Fee (if necessary) is Tk. 1000/- (One Thousand) only.


"Application Form For Admission" is Tk. 500/- (Five Hundred) only.


If a student extends the semester, the examination fee will also increase.


All payments are non-refundable.


Note: Students of film & media department will bear all expenses of film making, project, thesis, field work and other related activities.



Other Fees:

Application Form for Admission : Tk. 500 (One Time)


For Graduate Programs:

  • 10% waiver for for anyone from any organization.
  • 15% waiver for siblings and spouse who gets admitted later (within the same tenure).
  • 20% waiver for Three students collectively would be awarded.


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