Review of Incomplete Course Completion Policy.
Ref No : SUB/ REG-HO- 1605/29 18 Date: 29 May 2016
To : All Concerned.
From : Office of the Registrar
Subject : Review of Incomplete Course Completion Policy.

Owing to certain inconveniences to complete the incomplete course by the students according to the policy set for the vide ref. ‘A’ a revision has been made in the 36th Academic Council on the policy.

In the revised policy as per ref. ‘B’ an incomplete course has to be completed within the 04(four) subsequent trimesters/semesters. If a student fails to complete an incomplete (I) course within 04(four) trimesters/semesters that course will have to be repeated. Not more than 02(two) incomplete courses can be registered in a trimester/semester.

Chairpersons of the Dept. depending on the cases, can make some relaxation in case of registration of incomplete course in the final trimester/semester.

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Muhammad Abdul Matin
Posted : Sunday,May 29,2016
Expired : Tuesday,January 30,2018