Final Examination, Fall-2017 of MCA/MCSE/MES /ENP/ENF/MFM/MFF/MJR/MJP/MEC /MPA & MMB programs.
Ref No : SUB/EXAM/1711/22 6367
From : The office of the Controller of Examinations.
Subject : Final Examination, Fall-2017 of MCA/MCSE/MES /ENP/ENF/MFM/MFF/MJR/MJP/MEC /MPA & MMB programs


This is to notify that the Final  Examination Fall-2017 of MCA/MCSE/MES/ENP/ENF/MFM/MFF/MJR/MJP/MEC/MPA & MSC in Microbiology programs will be held from 9th December (Exam period 9th December to 17th December, 2017).Students are advised to get prepared accordingly. They are also advised to collect their Admit cards from their respective departments by paying their dues. Students will not be allowed to appear in the examination without admit card.

Helaluzzaman Cowdhury
Controller of Examinations
Posted : Thursday,November 30,2017
Expired : Sunday,December 31,2017