Facilities For Students

Stamford University gives first priority to study and students and the primary function of faculty/staff/administration is to help the students in succeeding academically and in the transition from university life to productive life in society. Keeping this in consideration, the university has been offering the following facilities for students:

Stamford University believes in quality education. The pre-requisite of quality education is highly qualified and experienced teachers. Coping with this philosophy, Stamford's every department has been enriched with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Stamford has enough full time as well as adjunct lecturers and professors. Stamford also invites guest teachers from different universities of home and abroad. Professors and ex-chairmen from the University of Dhaka and BUET visit the university frequently and conduct different classes. Faculty members are always helpful to the students and are always ready to help or solve any academic problems of any student.

For study and for students, proper educational environment is essential. Stamford is committed to proving proper educational environment. That is why Stamford has declared its campuses free of student politics and smoking. Student politics is strictly prohibited here. Certainly this creates a congenial atmosphere for students to seek and achieve knowledge in different programs.
Stamford has been providing students with well-furnished & air-conditioned classrooms for better environment in the classrooms. All classrooms are specious enough for students to take part in the classes comfortably and smoothly. Certainly the environment in the classrooms will be influencing and encouraging for the students to acquire knowledge, which will lead them to be better professionals.

Stamford University Bangladesh has been maintaining a firm commitment to provide lab facilities to its students since its inception. The current lab setup includes the following :

100MBPS LAN setup through workstations (P-IV,1.6 GHz,256MB RAM,40GB HDD), hubs, switches.
30 workstations under a Gateway P-III (1130 MHz Dual Processor, 2*36 GB SCSI BUS HDD) Server.
Network facilities under Windows 2K Server, RedHat Linux 7.2
Database Engine based on Oracle Technology.
Software (Visual Studio, JDK, TC++, Assembly, OpenGl, SQL, Oracle) and logistic for education supports.

Stamford University Bangladesh has been providing excellent digital lab facilities to its students. The current lab setup includes the following:

Micro-kits (MDA 8086) for Microprocessor based lab experiments.
Trainer board, Digital Multi-meter, Oscilloscope, Bread Board, Mini-Drill, Logic Probe & Logic Pulser
Lot of ICs, IC Testers.

Students of Stamford are facilitated with Internet services in the online lab. The online lab is equipped with all modern facilities like broadband Internet service, highly configured pc with networking system. Besides the whole campus is under a local area network to facilitate intra communications inside the University. Moreover, Stamford University is going to set up its own VSAT very soon. Students are also facilitated with personalized web-based E-mail account in our own domain, www.stamforduniversity.net. Students who wish to have a personalized web-based E-mail account in our domain will have to pay only TK. 2000.00 yearly. The E-mail account will be like this: (student’s name)@stamforduniversity.net.

Stamford University has a rich and modern library with modern facilities for students. Library is providing its services efficiently as much as possible to students' satisfaction. Students are allowed to borrow books from the library and read books, journals, dailies, weeklies and etc. in the reading room of the library.

Different specialized workshops and seminars are arranged for students of BBA & MBA programs from time to time to increase their efficiency and competence. Experts from different universities, institutions and national & multinational organizations conduct these workshops and seminars.

Visits to industrial sites and organizations are also arranged for our students so that they can gather practical knowledge about different facts of national and multinational organizations and industries. This will certainly help them in the job markets to get better job.

Stamford University provides opportunities for students to participate in national and international programming contests. Stamford also arranges internal programming contests only for Stamford's students to increase their competence. Different IT related workshops and seminars are also arranged for the students of computer science.

Along with academic activities, different cultural, recreational and instructive programs are arranged for students. These include different cultural programs, picnic, study tour, debate and different indoor & outdoor games.

Students of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate or any other academic and professional programs with a GPA less than 2.0 will be placed under probation. If a student fails to attend any class test, midterm or final examination, he/she will get a zero in that particular class test, midterm or final examination. A student securing grade 'F' in any course will require to repeat that course by paying full course fee. Repeating a course implies that the student has to attend all the classes, class tests, midterm and final examination as a regular student. Repetition of a course would be allowed maximum of three times. If any student fails to improve the grade within the stipulated times, he/she will not be allowed to take any further course(s) to continue until he/she improves the grade.

Being a Stamford student means having access to some of the best educational facilities around. Stamford is offering full free-studentship to 5% students. Unfortunately this scholarship cannot cope with the number of talented, ambitious students who could do with some financial help. We are very pleased to announce that we have already initiated Student Loan Program. With the kind cooperation of Stamford Trust we have devised a plan where students will be able to borrow money to pay for their education.