MATH_Circle (SUMC)
Who We are?
           Stamford University Math_Circle (SUMC) emerged as a study circle on 25 January, 2013 by the Department of Natural Sciences, though the journey began in the mid of 2011 as Stamford Math Olympiad Team. Initially, the core objective was to prepare the students for university levels’ Math Olympiad competition in our country. Our team first participated in the Inter University Math Olympiad 2011, organized by the Bangladesh Mathematical Society (BMS). After this, Stamford Math Olympiad Team is regularly participating in various math competition arranged in different public or private universities.

           Early in the current year 2013, the team has just come back from 4th National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad 2012 organized by Bangladesh Mathematical Society (BMS). Stamford Math Olympiad Team is one of very few teams from private universities, which bravely fought against very strong opponents like teams from BUET, CUET, DU, CU, NSU, etc. Our math warriors returned from that event with the confidence of doing better. A feeling—our students can go to the ace if we guide them properly.

MATH_Circle (SUMC)
Opening ceremony of Stamford University MATH_Circle (SUMC)

           Currently, Mr. Noor-A-Alam Siddiki, acting Chairman of this department, is working as the Chief Advisor and the Chief Coordinator & Mentor of SUMC is Mr. Dewan Ferdous Wahid, Lecturer of Mathematics.

What is Our Purpose?

Stamford University MATH_Circle runs with the motto that “Think Math”. Our epic purposes are-

1.      To boost the analytical capability of our students

2.      To achieve one of the top ten positions in the next National Undergraduate Math Olympiad

3.      To organize Inter-University Math Olympiad regularly at Stamford University Bangladesh from 2014

4.      To include ‘Programming Contest’ along with the Math Olympiad from 2015

5.     Finally, to extend these competitions for students from school and college levels with a view to boosting up the fame of our university

MATH_Circle (SUMC)
SUMC team at EWU Inter-University Math Olympiad
What are We Doing Now?

           After reforming, Stamford University MATH_Circle (SUMC) is arranging one weekly class from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm regularly. The Chief Coordinator and Mentor of SUMC, Mr. Dewan Ferdous Wahid, mentor these classes. Here, we focus on higher level of mathematical analysis and its application in real life. We are trying to increase the analytical capacity of our students as well as to prepare them for any undergraduate level math contest. Sometimes we invite our advisory members from both home and other institutes to deliver lecturer on a particular topic. For instance, Mr. Sahidul Islam, Lecturer of ECE in East-West University, Dhaka delivered a speech on ‘Fundamental of Functions and its Application’ on 28 January 2013. Moreover, we are hopeful that Dr. Nur-e-Mostafa, Asst. Professor in the Dept. of Natural Sciences, SUB will be going to offer a lecture on ‘Application of Differential Equations in Real Field’ in September/October.

            Since, students in our country most often consider mathematics as a tough and boring subject matter, SUMC is always trying to change this kind of view among our students. We are representing mathematics as an extremely fun and interesting topic. To attract the present ‘NetGen’ (internet generation), we have created a facebook page and a website. Our facebook page has more than 130 student-followers. We have been posting different interesting topics, mathematical problems, book review, helpful website information etc. regularly on our page wall and the students are actively joining in the discussions by arguing, question-answering etc.

            SUMC is constantly attracting fresh, interested minds to be included in our study circle. Our faculty members are always inspiring students to join SUMC. From next week, we are arranging a display board to let all know our regular activities. Now many interested students are joining this study circle, however, a handful of them are truly interested due to our limited capacity.

MATH_Circle (SUMC)
SUMC team at 3rd & 4th National Undergraduate Math Olympiad
An Initiative to Stamford Inter-University Math Olympiad

           Stamford University MATH_Circle is also planning to organize Inter-University Math Olympiad regularly at our university from 2014. For making it a success, we have already formed a committee, consisting of teachers from different departments, to study the different aspects to arrange a competition in our university such as suitable time, fund collection, standard question setting, etc. The committee members are -

1.      Dr. Nur-e-Mostafa, Asst. Professor, Dept. of NS, SUB (Head of the committee)

2.      Dewan Ferdous Wahid, Lecturer, Dept. of NS, SUB and Chief Coordinator of SUMC

3.      Md. Ashrafuzzamman Khan, Lecturer, Dept. of CEN, SUB

4.      Mohammad Raihanul Islam, Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, SUB

5.      Md. Khalilur Rahman, Lecturer, Dept. of NS, SUB

What are Our Achievements?

           Stamford University MATH_Circle (SUMC) has nearly 30 registered student members in nearly half a year. In the last trimester, in an average 10 to 15 students attended in every class. It has already created an attention among our students about the necessity of developing mathematical ability in both theoretical and application areas. Pleasantly, we observe that some of our student has definitely increased their analytical and computational skills than they had previously. 

            Our students have participated in three national undergraduate and one EWU math Olympiads. They have done their best in those competitions. Yet, we have to prepare more consciously to reach the ace.

MATH_Circle (SUMC)
Our small, fun but active and dedicated study circle…
We Need Supports…

           Stamford University MATH_Circle is run as a voluntary work by our faculty members. There is no registration/membership fee for student to attend the study circle. Therefore, most often we are facing problems regarding managing travel and registration expenses to send our students along with accompanying teachers to different competitions. Lack of fixed classroom is another major problem. Surprisingly, with enough enthusiasm from the students, we managed to continue classes at our garden. Again, the students especially who are yet to be motivated to join our circle are deprived of display board to present our activities and interesting ‘Problem of the Week”. Therefore, we will appreciate highly if our university authority kindly provide following supports:

  1. 1. To endow us with a display board so that our activities can be represented properly
  2. 2. To make a fixed classroom available from 4 pm- 6 pm for one weekly class
  3. 3. To support students along with associated faculty member financially to attend the different competitions
  4.     (e.g. registration fees, transportation etc.)
Find Us Here…

Website address:

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Want to talk personally? Please speak with our Chief Coordinator:

Dewan Ferdous Wahid

Lecturer (Math)

Room No- A/119, Department of Natural Science

Stamford University Bangladesh


Cell Phone: 01816 602 306

SUMC Committee

Dewan Ferdous Wahid,
Chief Coordinator & Mentor,SUMC,Lecturer, Department of NS, SUB.

Md. Anowar Hossain,
Coordinator (P&R), SUMC.Lecturer (Math),Department of Natural Science, SUB.


Md. Junaeid Alam,Assistant Treasurer, SUMC.CSE, Batch-48.

Habibur Rahman Ovi,Assistant PRO, SUMC.CSE, Batch-48.


Md. Noor-Alam Siddiki,
Chief Advisor,Chairman (Acting),Department of Natural Science, SUB

Dr. Nur-e-Mostafa
Asst. Professor, Department of NS, SUB.

Shakila Sultana
Asst. Professor, Department of NS, SUB.

Md. Kamrul Hasan
Asst. Professor, Department of NS, SUB

Raju Chowdhury
Treasurer, SUMC,Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of NS, SUB

Md. Ashrafuzzamman Khan
Lecturer, Dept. of CEN, SUB

Miza Md. Adwit Rahman
Lecturer, Dept. of English, SUB


Dr. Ganesh Chandra Ray
Professor, Department of Mathematics,University of Chittagong, Chittagong & Adjacent Professor,Asian University for Women (AUW), Chittagong

Md. Sahidul Islam
Lecturer, Dept. of ECE,East-West University, Dhaka

Dr. Md. Zafar Iqbal Khan
Professor,Department of Mathematics, BUET