International Center for Development & Research is a research center, which conducts research on different fields. The main task of the center is to undertake appropriate research, studies and other programs for the benefit of improving the quality of life of Bangladeshi people particularly in education, non formal education IT, health, environment and governance, and thus promoting human resource development as an effective means of socio-economic advancement. The following major areas are given priority:

» Institutional reform and institutional innovation in support of economic development;
» Poverty reduction, policies and strategies in education and health;
» Managing policies of economic reforms with special emphasis on South and Southeast Asia;
» Good governance & economic development;
» Political and corporate leadership and development;
» Globalization, WTO and other international financial institutions;
» Water, energy, food, environment and other national policies of Bangladesh;
» Foreign Investment and Development in Bangladesh;
» Research & studies on disease prevention and control;
» And, the CIRD is capable to handle in any other relevant field it decides to work with;

It also conducts research on different contemporary issues. Not only that, it also conduct research on Human Resource of Bangladesh following the China model in which emphasis is given on financial capital as well as human resource capital. It aims at using the unutilized human resource as human resource capital and therefore developing the country. It also works in community development & creating consciousness with in the common masses using both formal & non-formal education.