We opened this department in 1998 and have been developing it ever since. The name 'Stamford' has become synonymous with tertiary education in the region and is now considered the largest private educational institution globally. The Department of Continuing Education, Consultancy and Research (CECR) was formed to assist clients (government and non-government) in their efforts to compete in the new Multi-local and Global Marketplace as the dramatic shift in the geopolitical scenario inevitably has led to the demand for fresh ideas and new ways of doing business; these include, inter alia, Market participation, Product/Services, Location of Value-adding activities, Marketing and Competitive moves in the core areas of our expertise.

The Department's mission is to serve its clients through innovative solution with constant regard for quality, integrity and timeliness and to help clients surpass their aims. Our touchstone and nearly sole form of promotion is customer satisfaction. We do not regard our engagements as episodes but as permanent relationships, and by far our leading source of new business is our existing portfolio of clients and referrals from them.

We are a group comprising globally reputed foreign and local consultants for better services.

The Department of Continuing Education, Consultancy and Research (CECR) of Stamford University is a renowned development organization. CECR has been working to increase the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized firms in developing their performance. Our expertise also extends to strengthening non-governmental and business support organizations and we are now the principal service provider in managing the Information Technology Network, which assists local companies in finding market prospects.


Each year, our training and management experts conduct on-site consulting assignments at a good number of businesses institutions over the country to help them achieve bottom-line results.
CECR's Services Include:

°  Access to market needs
°  Strategic alliance matchmaking
°  Import and export promotion
°  Managerial and technical assistance
°  Market research studies
°  Equipment and technology sourcing
°  Business planning
°  Pre and post-investment screening
°  Access to financing
°  Training need assessment
°  Curriculum design and development
°  General management
°  Marketing information
°  Human resource development
°  Total quality management

International Linkage

Stamford University maintains a close and effective linkages with the sources of curriculum development, schools of academic education, accountancy, business administration, computer information science, secretarial science, banking and finance, law, hotel management in association with India, Nepal, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA and Canada.

List of Valued Clients Who Have Already Been Benefited

°  ACI Limited
°  Action Aid Bangladesh
°  American Life Insurance Company
°  Bangladesh Express Co. Ltd.
°  Bangladesh Silk Foundation (BSF)
°  BRB Cable Industries Ltd.
°  Business Service Cooperation
°  Concern Bangladesh
°  Democracy Watch
°  DHL Worldwide Express
°  Elite Paint Group of Industries
°  Embassy of Sweden
°  Fisons (Bangladesh) Ltd.
°  Glaxo Welcome Bangladesh Ltd.
°  Global Prospective Ltd.
°  Gulf Environmental Technologies Ltd.
°  H S Enterprise
°  Hoechst Bangladesh Ltd.
°  IDLC of Bangladesh Ltd.
°  Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
°  Institute of Integrated Rural Development
°  Jahangirnagar University
°  Leads Corporation Ltd.
°  Marie Stopes Clinic Society
°  Marine Carrier Ltd.
°  Micro Electronic Ltd.
°  Microcel Ltd.
°  Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.
°  Narayangonj, Bar
°  National Institute of Mass Communication NIMC
°  Nestle Bangladesh
°  Noorni Sales & Distribution Co. Ltd.
°  Noverties (Bangladesh) Ltd.
°   Oberon Int. Ltd.
°  Rahim Afrooz Bangladesh Ltd.
°  RDRS Bangladesh
°  Renata Ltd.
°  Rhone Poulenc Rorer Bangladesh
°  Roche Pharmaceuticals
°  SGS Bangladesh Ltd.
°  Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women
°  Southern Group of Mini Enterprises
°  Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
°  Tech Group
°  The ACME Laboratories Ltd.
°  The World Bank
°  TM International
°  Coats Bangladesh
°  Unique Business Systems
°  World Concern Bangladesh
°  World Vision of Bangladesh
°  Young time Co. Ltd.

Name of the Companies Who Have Received the Services in the Year 2001 - 2003

°  ACI Limited
°  Bangladesh Brest Feeding Foundation
°  Berger Bangladesh Ltd.
°  British American Tobacco
°  Concern Bangladesh
°  Global Perspectives Limited
°  GrameenPhone Ltd.
°  H S Enterprise
°  Infrastructure Investment Facilitation Center
°  Institute of Cost Management and Accounting
°  Marie Stopes Clinic Society
°  Roche Pharmaceuticals
°  Sheba Telecom
°  Social Marketing Company
°  Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
°  Unocal Bangladesh Ltd.

List of Professional Training Courses Developed By Stamford University

°  Diploma in E-commerce
°  Diploma in Software Engineering
°  Diploma in Database Management System
°  Diploma in Multimedia
°  Diploma in Computer Network & Administration
°  Diploma in Office Management
°  Diploma in Personnel Management
°  Diploma in Basic Management
°  Diploma in Library Science
°  Diploma in Front Desk Management
°  Advance Selling Techniques (Part I & II)
°  Creative Selling Skills
°  Effective Communication (Written & Verbal)
°  Effective Presentation Skills
°  Effective Interpersonal Skills
°  Successful Human Resource Management
°  Improving Productivity through Creativity
°  Internal Customer Service
°  Leadership & Growth
°  Management Development Program
°  Managerial Excellence
°  Motivation, Team Building & Leadership
°  Performance Appraisals
°  Reading for Speed & Efficiency
°  Statistical Methods & Quantitative Techniques
°  Stress Management
°  Supporting the Marketing Efforts
°  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
°  Time Management
°  Training the Trainer
°  Effective Sales Management
°  Accounting for Non-Accounting Executives
°  Management of Income Tax and Vat
°  Finance for Non-Finance Executives
°  Comprehensive Analysis of Financial Statement
°  Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management