Stamford University Volunteers (SUVs), a student club under" />

Donation to Gulshan Street School

Stamford University Volunteers (SUVs), a student club under Stamford University, has always been dedicated to community service and promoting education at every level of society. With this goal, the Volunteers have decided to visit Gulshan Street School and help them continue their virtuous work of providing education to impoverished children. On February 13, 14, and 15,  the students of SUVs sold roses in and around the campuses of Stamford University, in a program called "Roses for Education," to raise funds for Gulshan Street School. On September 7, 2014, they donated the collected funds. They were further aided by Dr. M. A. Hannan Feroz, President and founder Vice Chancellor of Stamford University Bangladesh, who provided a generous donation for Gulshan Street School. "We are a club from an educational institution, and it gives us great pleasure whenever we have a chance to promote education and help the progress of education. In the future, we hope to help others who are trying to bring progress to our society, like Gulshan Street School, and we also hope that those who have supported us for the last three years, like Global Environmental Technologies and the administration at Stamford University, continue to support us in the future, " said Farahnaaz Feroz, Chief Faculty Coordinator, Stamford University Volunteers. The student volunteers also spent the day with the students of Gulshan Street School, to discuss their views and educational goals.