Workshop Held at Stamford on the Skills of Lawyers

Last 27 Januar, 2013 in the Department of Law, Stamford University Bangladesh, a workshop was held on “The skills of Lawyers” arranged by Stamford Law Forum (SLF). Barrister Khaled Hamid Chowdhury presented the main paper. Chairman, Law department, London College of Legal Studies, South, Barrister Chowdhury said, “There is no substitute for the honesty of lawyers. We should cultivate respect towards general people and fulfill social responsibility. Lawyers’ main weapons are honesty and talent.” Human Resource Trainer and consultant Anwar Islam discussed elaborately on the presented main paper. Apart from this, former District judge Khondoker Hamidul Hasan discussed on the subject on lawyers’ skill. All of them focused on ethics. They said, “Legal combats should be performed after maintaining ethical values. No one should be beaten or won through unethical practices. It is better to lose by presenting correct information rather than wining by presenting misleading information. Apart from this, SLF coordinator Advocate Zahid Hossain Dolon, president Rezaul Korim Badhon and Vice President Maruful Islam were also present and delivered their speeches in the workshop.
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