Public Relations Division (PRD)

The Public Relations Division (PRD) of Stamford University Bangladesh is a very important division. It started its activity since the beginning of the university. Stamford University came to the limelight in a very short time on the basis of academic excellence and through the necessary publicity in newspapers and television media. The Public Relations Division started its activities in a more organized way as a separate department in 2006. From the very beginning, Prof. Dr. M. A. Hannan Feroz, the founder Vice-Chancellor of Stamford University and President, Board of Trustees, took a keen interest in the activity of the Public Relations Division.

The Public Relations Division is regularly contributing to the overall publicity and branding of Stamford University. Everyday a compilation of newspaper clipping on important and relevant news items is sent to the high officials of the academic and administrative departments of Stamford University. The representatives of Public Relations Division attend all types of programs and seminars of the University and collect information and photographs. In important programs, journalists are invited for the coverage for national newspapers and television. Besides, the Public Relations Division supplies photos and Press Releases from time to time. In very important programs and seminars, the V.D.O pictures are taken, edited and preserved in DVD and CD forms. Before the beginning of every trimester, a four month advertisement strategy is planned after discussions with Admission Department. Apart from that, in case of special campaigns, Public Relations Division takes steps after discussions with the higher authority. Public Relations Division regularly publishes Stamford Flash, the monthly publication of the University and cooperates in all kinds of publications of the university. It is to be noted that every month, 4000 copies of Stamford Flash are sent to the important ministries, government and non-government educational and other institutions. Public Relations Division also takes the responsibility of designing and publishing the annual calendars; greeting cards etc. and send them to the concerned offices on time.

Public Relations Division collects and preserves important information of all kinds related to the University. It also supplies necessary information and news to the University Grants Commission (UGC). Besides, it supplies the correct information to media and other important agencies as per their requirements. It has been maintaining a good relationship with the officials and employees of Stamford Group. It plays an active part in the arrangement of the programs of any department. It also arranges press conferences, opinion exchange sessions with journalists and many other programs. It has been working with devotion for all kinds of information upgradation, media communication and branding. The Public Relations Division (PRD) of Stamford has already become a role model for its hard work and dedication.